Geschenkjes voor katten en hun vrienden - verzending binnen de 48u

Pheasant tail

Pheasant tail



NOTICE: This is a refill for flying bird with rod.

These brilliant refills have One HUGE pheasant tail feather, two smaller pheasant feathers and colourful Turkey marabou feathers.

These larger feather refills fly slower on the wands as you can probably imagine, but they are a HUGE hit with the cats :)   It really looks like they are saying... "Look i've caught a really big bird!!! ha ha! Just watchout for the "It's mine" growls!!

Feathers used in these refills are sourced in the UK in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and are from UK birds that are free to lead a natural outdoor life before entering the British food chain.

Purrs Cat Toys are completely against animal cruelty and the killing of animals just for their skins/fur. All materials are selected carefully to ensure that the animals are treated with respect, humanely and only use skins/ furs which are a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise go into land fill so no animal is harmed simply to provide fur/ hair.

Simply clip on to play!

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