Why should I buy a Catcube? 

Cats often experience high levels of stress. Studies have shown that cats prefer areas where they have the ability to hide, but until now scientists have not studied whether so-called “hiding enrichment” might benefit a cat’s sense of well-being and specifically if providing boxes for cats to hide in might help to ease those turbulent first few weeks in a new shelter.

Will my cat get in the catcube? 

If your cat loves to play and sleep in cardboard boxes, it will love the Catcube too. Don't put the catcube in the middle of the hallway, but in a comfortable and safe corner or next to the heating. You can also put it on a shelve, because cats love heights! 

Will my cat fit in the Catcube?

We are able to welcome cats that weight up to 8 kilograms. If their head will fit in, their body will fit in too. Larger breeds like the Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat may have trouble using the box comfortably. Are you hesitating? Take a ordinary cardboard box, cut a circle out of 15cm diameter and let your cat try! 

Is the paint toxic? 

Our main goal is to produce environmental friendly products. We only produce with natural materials like recycled cardboard, wood, leather and non toxic ink.

How long is the delivery?

For a shipping address in Belgium, we count max. 1 week. We work together with Bpost Business. For the rest of the world, the delivering time depends on the final destination. Usually one week, max. 14 days. Every order comes with a track & trace link that allows you to track every move your package makes on the supply route. So you always know the current status of your package's whereabouts.

How can I pay?

We have entrusted our payment system to Mollie, a market leader in secure online payments and now the facilitator of online payment systems for more than 20,000 businesses. We offer a range of secure online payment options. For instance, pay by:
- Bank card (Maestro, Bancontact/Mister Cash)
 -Credit card (Visa, MasterCard) 
- PayPal

Can I have my order delivered to someone else as a gift? 

Of course you can! In that case, enter that person's address as the delivery address when you order. 


What if I'm not home?
Usually, deliveries are made between 8 AM and 1 PM (Bpost). Your package will not fit in the mailbox, so if you are not home at the time of delivery, your package will be dropped at the post office near you. In that case, the postman or courier leaves a note in your mailbox indicating the address of the pick-up point and the period during which your package is available for you to pick up.



If you are in any way unsatisfied with our products, contact us  within 30 days of your purchase in order to arrange a return.


Other questions? send a mail to miauw@designforpussies.com

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